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The Melting Pot

A digital, cultural conversation

Lamontre Randall, a sophomore accounting major at the university, sat at a table in the far left corner of Stamp Student Union’s Colony Ballroom at the election night party. “I love the atmosphere so far,” he said.

Randall, who voted for Obama, said that the election party has not discriminated people of different beliefs. The room is made up of mostly Obama voters, though there are some who voted for Mitt Romney.

“Everyone’s open to whatever candidate you choose to pick,” he said.

He picked Obama for financial reasons and federal loans that are helping him through college.

Richard Suchoski, a Ph.D student in materials engineering, said that the political sentiment is hopeful but not lasting.

“I don’t see the follow-through to stick with the social change that people want to see,” he said. “After the election, there will be almost half the nation will say, ‘Well, he’s not my president. I didn’t vote for him.’ That individuality divides us still.”

There’s a large voice of complaining that’s given through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, Suchoski said.


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