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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Happiness. It’s a nine-letter word whose meaning has been twisted, stretched, cotton-candied since the start of humanity.

Happiness. It’s what people strive for and spend their entire lives trying to find. It’s something beyond a yellow balloon with a smiley face on it, something even beyond the muscles in our faces stretching into a smile. The definitions tumble around the atmosphere in a word seemingly subtle but entrenched with scores of perspectives on the satisfied, fulfilled feeling that is happiness, or the ways in which we trick ourselves to believe so.

There’s different stages, which manifest themselves in society.

Maybe it’s not a lie. Happiness is a genuine feeling, after all. Happy is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as feeling or showing pleasure.

Isn’t that interesting. Merely showing pleasure is defined as “happy.” 

It can make us crazed. It can make us delirious. It can make us sappy, superficial cowards. It can lead to falsehood. Drug addictions. Depression. General discontent. So many of life’s problems come from a deep, entrenched desire to be happy.

Maybe, in the end, it really is elusive.

It’s funny how an idea with so much positivity can bring us that much of a downward spiral, too.


I am happy! I’m not anymore.

I am! Now I’m not.

Kendra sighed, impatiently tapping her grande Starbucks macchiatto, as if that would make any difference. Her mood had been swinging up and down all day. All day.